ICSSC 2017
The 4th International Conference on Smart and Sustainable City
June 5-6, 2017, Shanghai, China
Chirine Etezadzadeh

SmartCity.institute (Ludwigsburg, Stuttgart and Cologne), Germany


  • President of the SmartCity.institute (Ludwigsburg, Stuttgart and Cologne)
  • Founder of SmartCityNews.global (the global smart city knowledge base)
  • CEO of the German Federal Smart City Association

Plenary/Keynote Speakers

Chirine Etezadzadeh

Presentation Information

Title: Future Mobility in Smart Cities


The urban population in 2050 will be about equal to the global population in 2002. That makes the topic of cities a highly relevant field of research and an attractive market sphere. Besides being sustainable a city’s overriding goal is its ability to function. This ability is determined primarily by the city’s infrastructures. The mobility sector needs to ensure the mobility of people and goods and is an essential aspect of a city’s functionality.

How will urban life develop in a smart city? How can we remain mobile in growing metropolises? What implications does urban development and digitization have for the mobility industry and society? In view of urbanization, population growth as well as demographic and climate change, we need to discuss these kinds of questions intersectorally. The responsible task of product development in the field of urban mobility becomes even more complex and requires interdisciplinary stakeholder involvement.

Let’s find ways to address these global challenges collaboratively and reflect on the consequences of digitization. Let’s use this event for an exchange of thoughts to start an international partnership.


Speaker Biography 

Dr. Chirine Etezadzadeh (economist) is the president of the SmartCity.institute (Ludwigsburg, Stuttgart and Cologne), founder of SmartCityNews.global – the global smart city knowledge base, and CEO of the German Federal Smart City Association (BVSC e.V.). Prior to focusing on smart city research, she worked for global leaders in the automotive industry and as a business consultant in the energy sector. Since the summer semester of 2014, Dr. Etezadzadeh has been holding university lectures on product development for smart cities. Her book “Smart City – Future City?” was published in October 2015 by the Springer Publishing House in both German and English.

The SmartCity.institute is a German institute located in Ludwigsburg, Stuttgart, and Cologne that conducts research on the development of smart cities, or cities of the future. Besides the institute’s research activities in the fields of energy, mobility, and city development, it deals with the cross-cutting issues of digitization, sustainability, and resilience. In addition, the institute provides consulting services for cities and industrial enterprises regarding their path to the future. Core services are provided in the fields of vision and business development as well as in designing customer-focused products and services for an urban context.

Furthermore, the SmartCity.institute builds networks to promote the intersectoral exchange of knowledge and cross–industrial collaboration in order to support the creation of real smart city solutions. The institute’s SmartCityNews.global platform – the global smart city knowledge base – pursues the same goal. This free service platform compiles articles on urban issues and cross-sectoral information regarding projects, solutions, people, events, and much more. The SCN City Forum welcomes cities around the world to present themselves and exchange ideas. They can report on their activities, raise questions and share their experiences in this forum.


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