ICSSC 2017
The 4th International Conference on Smart and Sustainable City
June 5-6, 2017, Shanghai, China
Christopher Walter Stoller

Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University, Germany


  • Professor in Logistics Management, Department of Forwarding, Transportation & Logistics, Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University

Plenary/Keynote Speakers

Christopher Walter Stoller

Presentation Information

Title: Smart City Logistics - A European Review


This presentation looks at smart city concepts with an emphasis on logistics and transportation from a European perspective. With an increasing density of traffic in European cities concerns arise how to cope with the logistical requirements. Globalisation, digitalisation and urbanisation are current issues within the modern world. They go hand in hand with the development of megacities like Beijing, Rio de Janeiro or Mumbai where one is able to witness almost catastrophic effects on emission, housing and traffic. Fortunately, European cities are far from this. However, there is growing concern that an increasing urban density might create similar challenges for the future. In Europe, cities grow larger and become more complex which puts them into a comparable situation. Constant growth of urban space has led to increased usage of infrastructure which is reaching its physical limits. This is particularly grave in the case of urban mobility, traffic, logistics and transportation of people and goods. Thus, this presentation aims at examining actual and potential solutions in European cities. It becomes apparent that solutions are either borne by the public or public-private partnerships when it comes to infrastructure or by the private sector when it comes to logistics solutions. Often logistics solutions are carried out for necessity and not for optimisation.


Speaker Biography 

After reading law at the universities of Münster, Aberystwyth (Diploma in European Law and Government), Würzburg (Master’s) and London (Postgraduate Bachelor of Laws) Prof. Stoller obtained his doctoral degree from Ruhr-Universität Bochum with a thesis on the emergence of large law firms. Prof. Stoller trained as a judge and qualified to the bar in 1999. He joined the logistics industry as an assistant to the board of the Fiege Group. Various management positions at Fiege, SNCF-Geodis, General Overnight and CEVA Logistics for whom he worked as project manager, managing director and sales/marketing responsible on regional levels followed for many years. With effect from September 2013 Prof. Stoller was appointed as a Professor in Logistics Management at Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University. His main interests within logistics management are contract logistics and post-merger integration.

Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg / DHBW ) is the first higher education institution in Germany which combines on-the-job training and academic studies and, therefore, achieves a close integration of theory and practice, both being components of cooperative education. With around 34,000 enrolled students, over 9,000 partner companies and more than 145,000 graduates, DHBW counts as one of the largest higher education institutions in the Germany. The university's official seat is in Stuttgart. Based on the US State University System, the organizational structure of DHBW is unique in Germany for it comprises both the central (DHBW headquarters) and the local level (DHBW locations and campuses). Throughout its nine locations and three campuses, the university offers a broad range of undergraduate study programmes in the field of business, engineering, and social work. All degree programmes are both nationally and internationally accredited. In addition, DHBW offers postgraduate degree programmes with integrated on-the-job training.


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